How to throw your own Plastic-Free Movie Night

We love to celebrate! It’s in our nature as humans. But all too often those celebrations can come with an environmental cost. Luckily, it doesn't even have to! With a little pre-planning, you can reduce your waste and environmental impact while also saving money.

So where do you start when planning your next party? In the lead up to the festive season and summer we have put together a little guide of how to throw your own plastic-free movie night! The team threw one for my birthday and it was so special! 

Plastic-Free Movie Night 

Party Preparations! 

1. Choose a location and grab a bunch of friends! Send text invites digitally instead of printing them on paper. This is also a great opportunity to mention why you chose to send invites this way.

2. Get creative! Can you believe we sourced a second hand projector from Facebook market place for $70?! Check out your local Facebook market place to see if anyone close by is selling one. You can also hit up eBay and Gumtree.

3. Throw up a white sheet to act as a backing for your movie. You can also use a light coloured wall!

4. We then set about collecting comfy cushions, rugs and throws to keep everyone comfortable (for when the sun sets and a chill hits the air).

5. And don't forget the fairy lights! Which creates such a beautiful ambience for your fun night.

Food and Drink

6. Opt for reusable cups, plates, napkins, and silverware!

7. If you are concerned about cleanup, ask a few friends ahead of time if they would be willing to help wash dishes after the party. If desired, minimise cleanup by preparing dish stations with buckets full of soapy water for guests to use to soak dirty dishes.

8. Pre-plan what you’re going to prepare and make a list! This helps you buy only exactly what you need and reduce food waste. Read more about reducing Food Waste here.

9. If you’re making something that calls for ingredients you rarely use, try and get whatever you can from the bulk section in the grocery store. This will allow you to grab only what you need and nothing more.

10. We made our own choc tops from scratch using recipes from Ellie Bulleen's cookbook, Elsa's Wholesome Life, and made delicious sodas using the Aarke Water Carbonator (you can also use a Soda Stream). 

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And of course, POPCORN!! Grab some popping corn from your local bulk food store and get poppin'! TIP: The oil goes into pot first then test the temp by putting in one corn kernel and waiting for it to pop! 

11. Know where your scraps are going. Set up the necessary bins for food scraps, trash, and recycling and make an announcement about this to ensure that they’re all sorted correctly.

Plastic-Free Movie Night

Hope these tips helped! You can view the Plastic-Free movie night we threw for my birthday on our Instagram Story highlights here. x