Our Makers

A question we get a lot is "where are your products made?"

Our products are designed by us in Byron Bay, Australia and made for us by manufacturing partners in Australia, Taiwan, China and India. 

Where we manufacture our products depends on what the product is, where the raw materials come from and who has the machinery to make it.

When we started Seed & Sprout, we wanted to produce solely within Australia.

Our first product was a stainless steel lunchbox and we did extensive searching domestically for steel suppliers who could manufacture our lunchboxes.

Unfortunately, despite being a massive producer of steel, we were unable to locate manufacturing partners within Australia for our steel products.

They simply did not have the machinery necessary to produce the kind of products we wanted to make. 

So rather than give up, we went on a sourcing trip to meet potential manufacturers abroad.

We met with many factories and observed their working conditions and environmental practices. 

We finally selected the best suited partners and worked with them to form long-term partnerships. 

Now, as we grow and extend beyond just steel products, we are making great strides towards manufacturing more products domestically. 

All our bars are made in Australia including our facial, shampoo, conditioner, hand, dish, shave and cleanse bars. 

We work closely with all our factories to ensure the best practices.

This is what one of our manufacturers said about working with us:

"As a supplier to Seed & Sprout, we've been incredibly impressed with their attention to detail and passion for the important little things.

There are many eco-based companies that are green-presenting as a marketing tactic and use harmful plastics and products behind the scenes - we have been absolutely humbled to work with an organisation that really cares about their fascia AND what goes on from production through to end-user.

It's the little things that make a big difference and you can trust that when you invest your money in one of Seed & Sprout's products, they've made huge efforts from whoa to go to minimise their impact on our beautiful world."

These words are music to our ears!


As we are cleaning up the supply chain and bringing more and more of our production domestically, as global citizens we also believe it is important to distribute jobs in communities near and far.

However, the carbon footprint of shipping these products internationally is worrisome. 

Also, like many of you, we share our customer’s concerns about working conditions abroad, and we work to make sure that the suppliers we choose to partner with provide ethical treatment to their employees and the environment.

We visit our manufacturing partners ourselves, and we have our products independently tested to ensure that that they comply with all applicable safety standards, including GOTS organic certification for all our woven goods. 

Our aim is not to bring all of our production domestically - we know that isn't possible. 

But it is to operate in the most ethical manner possible, and deliver goods to our customers at a cost that isn't prohibitive.  

We believe that the most impactful thing consumers can do is to buy less, and when they do buy, buy things that will last.

It is because of this that we work with factories near and far to bring consumers a product that can do that, at a price they can obtain. 

This is our best hope in shaping a positive outcome for our precious planet.