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Regardless of whether you make packed lunches just for yourself, for your partner or for the whole family, it’s never easy to get hold of truly top-quality containers. Stainless steel containers are widely regarded as being the best, but whilst there are plenty of lunch boxes and other food containers available on the market, it’s surprising just how many of them turn out to be leaky, generally non-durable and unsuited to being thrown around inside the rucksack of an energetic child every day, or simply lacking in storage space. Read More

What’s perhaps even more surprising is how expensive some ‘high-end’ lunch boxes can be – and of course, how many of them are just not designed for long-term, regular use. But the reality is that many people still sadly choose to go for disposable plastic storage options rather than investing in better quality, long-term solutions – and this fact clearly needs to be changed if we’re to do anything as a society about the damage our lifestyles are causing to the environment.

Here at Seed & Sprout, we’re on a mission to ensure that Australians have a simple, affordable and convenient solution to the problem of how to store and transport their packed lunches – and we’re committed to ensuring that this solution is one which works for the environment as well as for consumers.

That’s why we’ve developed our unique, stainless steel food containers which have proved to be extremely popular with customers nationwide. Designed, manufactured and transported in accordance with our environmentally-conscious, sustainable code of ethics, and available for online order at extremely reasonable prices, our lunch boxes have unleashed a modest but very real revolution in the industry, making daily life a little bit easier – and a little bit greener and healthier – for people across the country.

We give people the chance to do away with the out-dated notion that sustainability and healthy-living cannot be reconciled with convenience and affordability.

The Best Food Containers in Australia 

Seed & Sprout food containers are inspired by the bento lunch. For those who don’t already know what this is, it is a single-portion meal commonly eaten in Japan, and it is distinguished by the fact that various different foods are kept separate by dividers on a tray or in a box.

Our lunch boxes have an open layer on the bottom where a sandwich or other large foot item can be stored, as well as un upper level with dividers for various small food items – perhaps fruit, vegetables, nuts and/or crackers. Not only is the design simple and convenient, but it’s also ideal for the parents of a finicky child who refuses to eat certain foods if they’ve so much as come into contact with anything else in their lunch box.

And as part of our commitment to doing business in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way, we commit to planting one new tree in an area of need for every order we receive. So for the very best and most eco-friendly stainless steel food containers, simply place an order online on our website today.

Seed & Sprout is Australia's best sustainable lunchware store. They sell stainless steel lunch boxes, bento boxes, eco friendly grocery bags and reusable bags. Browse our store online or call us to place an order today!

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