The Best Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers For Kids & Adults

Welcome to Seed & Sprout! We offer appealing and functional alternatives to plastic. We want you to feel good about purchasing eco-friendly products from us. We know our customers because we are our customers. With us, you can shop for stainless steel food containers for kids guilt-free because you know we’re helping the environment too. We also have a cool and fresh feel about our design and products. We love connecting with our customers on platforms such as Instagram, and our dedicated brand ambassadors are keen to communicate with customers beyond our products. We always try to be honest and transparent because we have nothing to hide! We are a social enterprise community dedicated to giving back to our grassroots. We want to involve our customers heavily in our journey. Read More

Why Use Stainless Steel Food Containers For Kids?

  • Safety - Stainless steel is safe. It is used worldwide in many industries including hospitals and commercial kitchens. Stainless steel food containers in Australia is a new concept, but it has been used to store lunch by billions of people worldwide for centuries.
  • Antibacterial - Stainless steel is naturally antibacterial due to its non-absorbent This means you won't see any staining or smell any food odours on your stainless steel containers like you do with the plastic ones.  
  • Durability - They are hard wearing! Initially, the cost may be a little more expensive compared to plastic alternatives but long-term our products are more economical and convenient.  You will not have to keep replacing your stainless steel containers; you will be able to use them for a long time, without warping, stains or smells. And with kids, you know you want durable containers!
  • Eco-friendly - Our stainless steel containers are solidly constructed and made to last. Use them, reuse them, and when you no longer need them, they are 100% recyclable. Using stainless steel has eliminated a family's need to use a variety of plastic products. If we can significantly reduce the amount of plastic products used by school kids at school lunchtime, then we would see an improvement in the health of our kids and reduce the amount of waste in our landfill sites.      
  • Healthy - Harmful chemicals are not found in stainless steel. These chemicals are hormone-disruptors and have been shown to be detrimental to our health, particularly for fetuses, infants, and young kids. Using stainless steel greatly reduces the exposure of these hormone-disrupting chemicals found in plastics.
  • Easy maintenance - Our products are 100% stainless steel (no plastic, paints, or resins) and dishwasher safe, so washing is EASY! This one feature of stainless steel was the game changer for us!

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If you haven't used stainless steel containers, you really should give them a try. Durable, stylish and easy to store, they make the preparation, packing and clean-up of lunches so much easier and healthier!  Shop our range of stainless steel lunch boxes today!

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Seed & Sprout is Australia's best sustainable lunchware store. They sell stainless steel lunch boxes, bento boxes, eco friendly grocery bags and reusable bags. Browse our store online or call us to place an order today!

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