There are many reasons for making the switch from disposable plastic bags to a reusable market bag. For one thing, it really goes without saying that plastic bags – just like the general ‘throw-away culture’ that they promote and supplement – do great damage to the environment. They often get swept along by the wind and end up polluting our towns and cities, damaging habitats and wildlife and, of course, causing huge, long-term damage to our precious oceans.

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But it isn’t just the environmental impact of disposable bags that should make us want to move away from plastic and towards reusable alternatives. Reusable market bags are also much more durable, so no longer will you have to worry about heavy goods causing your bag to split and forcing you to watch as your bottle of wine shatters into hundreds of pieces.

And, of course, a top-quality market bag always looks infinitely more sophisticated than a thin, disposable plastic bag with advertising material printed all over it. 

Here at Seed & Sprout, we’re proud to produce some of the very best market bags Australia has to offer. Our bags have been carefully designed to include convenient sections for carrying awkward and fragile items like large bottles, and they have ample space for all your groceries and other essentials.

Made with beautiful, durable organ cotton rather than thin sheets of plastic, you can be sure that your new bag will be accompanying you to the market for many years to come – and that it will always remain both stylish and practical.

Go Green by Investing in a Market Bag from Seed & Sprout

At Seed & Sprout, we always strive to ensure that absolutely everything that we do is underpinned by our enduring commitment to environmental awareness and sustainability. We were founded in order to fill the gap in the market for quality, affordable products which make it easy to lead green and healthy lives.

In fact, with the help of our products, each of which has been carefully created in order to offer a practical solution to an everyday problem, you can be confident that it will be easier and more affordable to make healthy, environmentally-friendly choices than not to.

And it’s not just our products that make us the premium place to go for those interested in going green. With every order, we include a complimentary seed card containing fully compostable seeds ready to be planted in a sunny spot and watered. Plus, every time we receive a new order, we ensure that a tree is planted somewhere that it’s needed – helping combat the global trend towards deforestation and habitat destruction.

So regardless of whether you’ve made the important decision to start making more environmentally-friendly choices in your life, or whether you’re simply looking for a stylish and practical bag to take to the market with you, simply place your order online on our website today – or get in touch to find out more information about any of the products we sell.

Seed & Sprout is Australia's best sustainable lunchware store. They sell stainless steel lunch boxes, bento boxes, eco friendly grocery bags and reusable bags. Browse our store online or call us to place an order today!

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