Eco Tip of the Week: Zero-Waste Gardening

Zero waste is not limited to the inside of our homes! Don't forget to consider your outdoors and what you can do in our garden to reduce or eliminate waste too. We have compiled a list of tips for growing a zero waste green space you can enjoy!

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Save money, reduce packaging waste, eliminate your food waste at home, and know exactly what you’re putting on your garden and into the environment by making your own compost.

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You may not have been expecting this as a tip! All you have to do is pee in the pot two or three times a year. Human urine is sterile when fresh, so you needn’t worry about bacteria, and it is full of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and other trace elements which would do your plants the world of good.

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Say no to chemicals

Avoid chemical weedkillers (or chemical bug spray) – consider using natural alternatives such as salt or pine needles as mulch to control the weeds in your garden. Much less packaging, and no nasty toxins involved.

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Keep a minimal tool selection: Select the best, preferably metal or wooden tools.  Although they cost more at first, they’ll last longer, look better, and can be repaired more easily. Donate the rest to your local garden club, or nursing home!


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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again! UPCYCLE! Instead of buying items such as plant markers or seedling pots, make your own from used newspaper, cardboard, lolly sticks, or similar.


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