Eco Tip of the Week: How To Organise Your Pantry With Glass Jars

After talking about buying in bulk last week, you have probably wondered how you're gonna store all the package-less food in your pantry! Don't worry, we got you covered! We've rounded up some tips on how to organise your pantry using glass jars!

1. Gather and prepare the jars.

If you're after uniformity and to maximise utility, opt for jars that line up and stack well so you can easily see what you've got. Find an airtight canning jar you like, and buy in bulk at your local grocery store. If you want to save on money, it's time to start collecting! Wash and reuse old jam jars and the like. Remember, you can always ask family and friends to save their old jars for you. 


2. Clean and dry your jars before using.

If you're having trouble getting the labels off you're recycled jars, click here to find out how to do it! Once you've got the labels off, make sure your jars are completely clean and dry! We recommend leaving newly washed jars out to dry for at least a day before filling. Any remaining moisture will cause your dried goods to clump. 

3. Organise your pantry.

Okay, here comes the hard part (but it doesn't have to be!). Take a breath and start going through the contents of your pantry along with what you've just bought in bulk! Try to see which items you want in the jars that you have. If you’re a baker, make sure the jars are large enough to store what you use most often. If you rarely bake, one medium-sized jar of all purpose flour will do. If you use lots of spices and herbs when you cook, the smallest sizes work best.


4. Pour, baby, pour!

Now for the fun part! Once you've sorted through your pantry and now know which items are going in which jars, it's time to start pouring! Fill those babies up! 


5. Mark the contents as well as the date of storage. 

This step is optional. Others prefer their jars without labels since you can see through the glass jars anyway. But if you want to be a bit extra, you can use coloured washi or masking tape and a fine-tip Sharpie. You can also add the date on a second piece of tape to the top or side of the jar. This ensures a healthy rotation and keeps things from getting stale. Make sure to swap out the tape with a new date when you refill. If you don't like the look of the tape, you can also try a paint pen!


Bonus tip: 

Flour moths grow in undisturbed environments, so it’s a good idea to shake your jars once a month to keep things aerated. (It’s also a good excuse to get in there and reorganise/refill.)