International Women's Day - Inspire Inclusion with Sophie Kovic

This International Women’s Day, I’ve been reflecting on this year's theme: Inspire Inclusion.

It’s so amazing to see the groundswell movement here in Australia and across the globe grow every year. I love taking the time to reflect on women’s successes and how I can be personally involved to help educate and raise awareness for women’s equality.

As a business that is female owned & led, I’m proud of the Seed & Sprout heritage story  and what I’ve managed to achieve since starting the company in 2016.

Knowing that I'm contributing something positive to the world is what keeps me excited about the business every day.


Seed & Sprout team


The challenges I’ve faced as a female Founder

Building a business is not easy. It's tiring, and it can be lonely. And it's damn scary at times too. There’s been some really hairy moments for me both personally and professionally.

Being in the spotlight so often comes with a heap of very public criticism and that has at times taken its toll.

But when I read the reviews you send or someone sends me a message to tell me that somehow, our products have inspired them, it makes every.single.moment worth it. 

My vision for Seed & Sprout is to create a useful company that makes tools for the everyday person. Tools that help you make healthy and sustainable choices, easily.

To have such a strong sense of community within Seed & Sprout really does inspire me and my team to keep on making products that kick single-use plastic to the curb. So thank you. Truly.

I’m proud that our head office team at Seed & Sprout is mostly female and I love that we've created an inclusive and flexible working environment and hours that fit around staff needs.


Sophie Kovic & Bernie My Mum

Who inspires me?

My Mum has been an absolute rock for me. Bernie, you’re one in a million and I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without you.

My staff are incredible. Your perseverance, creativity, problem solving and sense of adventure are second to none.

The Seed & Sprout community genuinely keeps me going every single day. I am so grateful for your support to help me grow Seed & Sprout into what it is today.

I’m constantly looking to other female led businesses and founders for inspiration and knowledge. When we support each other, we’re even stronger.

Inspire Inculsion

How you can participate in International Women’s Day

This year’s theme is close to my heart as #inspireinclusion is exactly what we try and do here at Seed & Sprout, day in day out.

“To truly include women means to openly embrace their diversity of race, age, ability, faith, body image, and how they identify. Worldwide, women must be included in all fields of endeavour.”

I’m encouraging the Seed & Sprout tribe to strike the #inspireinclusion pose to show solidarity. You can lodge your pose on the International Women’s Day website here:


Get involved this year!


Love Sophie xx