Eco Tip of The Week: 10 Ways To Recycle Used Coffee Grounds

Coffee is good for more than just waking you up in the morning! We've compiled a list of brilliant ways you can reuse them at home! 

You’ll never throw your away your used coffee grounds again after seeing just how many things you can do with them!


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Used coffee grounds can be used much like baking soda for absorbing food odours in the refrigerator and freezer. Just load up a small open container with your old grounds, place it in the back of the fridge, then forget about it for a couple of weeks while you collect more grounds. 

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Ever heard of coffee art? Turn that pesky coffee stain around and use it to your advantage and let your creativity fly!

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If you love the smell of coffee, why not turn your old grounds into all-natural homemade candles? Have your room smelling of fresh-brewed coffee any time of day!

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Mix two tablespoons of used coffee grounds with an equal amount of organic cocoa powder.  Add three tablespoons of whole milk or heavy cream and top it off with a heaping tablespoon of honey for the perfect all-natural alpha-hydroxy and antioxidant facial.

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Massaging coffee grounds into your scalp while in the shower will help remove product build-up, exfoliate your scalp, and help stimulate hair growth.

Brunettes and darker redheads can turn up the shine in their hair by rinsing dry, clean hair with strong, cooled coffee. You can also pour 1-2 tablespoons straight into your conditioner.

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Sprinkle old coffee grounds onto an old cleaning cloth and use them to scrub away stuck-on food from counters or dishes.  While used grounds are abrasive, they aren’t so harsh that they will damage the surfaces in your kitchen. 

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Adding a tablespoon of fresh coffee grounds to tofu or tempeh marinades will tenderise the texture and give it a mild smokiness



Coffee grounds can also be an effective temporary treatment for cellulite. Massaging and exfoliating with the grounds stimulates circulation and nutrient flow, while the caffeine content temporarily dilates blood vessels and reduces water retention—all beneficial to minimising cellulite rumpled appearance. Find out how to make your own scrub on Beauty Banter here.

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Coffee grounds make excellent “green” matter as they are rich in nitrogen.  Also, beneficial worms may be attracted to your compost with the addition of old coffee. 

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Fill a can or jar with an inch or two of moistened coffee grounds, then line the container’s neck with extra-sticky double-sided tape. The scent will draw cockroaches into the trap.


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Bonus Tip – You can usually get your hands on used coffee grounds pretty easily, even if you’re not an avid coffee-drinker. Ask around at your local coffee shops! Many shops, including many Starbucks locations, will happily give bags of used grounds away to people who want to use them for their home and gardens.