The Shocking Truth Behind Plastic Chopping Boards: A Silent Source of Microplastics in Your Food

Did you know your plastic chopping board could be secretly contaminating your food with tiny bits of plastic? 

Plastic chopping boards, like the ones many of us use every day, are a big source of microplastics in our food. A study* has found that chopping styles and board materials affect how many microplastics get into your food.

Wooden Chopping Board

Why does it matter?

The plastic chopping boards you use could be releasing tiny plastic bits into your food, especially when chopping veggies like carrots. These microplastics, which are really small plastic pieces, can end up in your body and cause health problems.

The Scary Numbers

Every year, using plastic chopping boards could expose you to a lot of microplastics – up to 50.7 grams from polyethylene boards and even more from polypropylene boards. That's millions of microplastics entering your body annually just from chopping!

Chopping Board

A Safer Option - Our Wood Fibre Chopping Boards

Our brand new Wood Fibre Cutting Boards are a much safer choice. They bridge the gap between large chunky wooden chopping boards and slim, convenient plastic. Whilst they're not 100% plastic free (they're bonded with a resin which is technically a type of plastic), they're a great alternative to a polyethylene or polypropylene board:

Made using FSC certified Pine Wood binding with a special food grade resin that's safe for food and the environment, so you don't have to worry about millions of microplastics entering your food, your environment or your body!

Why Choose Our Chopping Boards:

  • Easy to clean – just pop them in the dishwasher!
  • Lighter, tougher and more durable than regular wooden boards, so they won't break or warp.
  • Keeps your food safe – the non-porous surface prevents bacteria growth.
  • Contains 20% food-grade resin, free from harmful chemicals (including formaldehyde).
  • Say goodbye to cracked, warped, or mouldy chopping boards for good!

Make the switch today for a healthier kitchen and a cleaner planet!

Cutting Board

*2023 North Dakota State University Study