Large Organic Cotton Bread Bag

Large Organic Cotton Bread Bag

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Warding off staleness in breads and more!

Like many of us, this bag's a multi-tasker.

So, while you probably worked out from the name that you can use it to store a loaf, it'll also store big things like bunches of celery or spinach in the fridge, to keep them fresh.

Or take it bulk food shopping and fill it with lentils or whatever's on the menu this month.

"The Perfect Bread Bag! So in love with this bread bag! It is the perfect substitute to plastic for storing bread and keeping it fresh!" - Bec

What's with this bag?

  • Organic cotton
  • Drawstring closer
  • Keeps bread fresher longer
  • Use in the fridge for storing other bigger produce items to extend their shelf life
  • Use for bulk shopping

Armed with a few of these big'uns, there'll be no more rustle of plastic in your veggie crisper. More like the soft purring of cotton happily doing its job.

Organic cotton bread bagMulti-purpose organic cotton storage bag

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