Deluxe Stainless Steel Smoothie Cup Set

Deluxe Stainless Steel Smoothie Cup Set

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And that's the last time you'll ever have your smoothie in a plastic cup!

We'd like you to meet our favourite smoothie cup in a DELUXE set.

With its sleek minimalist design and plastic free eco-credentials, it's the new cool kid on the block that will keep your smoothie cup cold all day thanks to its double-wall design.

There is not one skerrick of plastic in it (as you'd expect from us by now) even in the seal of the lid, which is silicone. And the tubular design and wider-than-usual neck make it easy to clean, no really.

What you get:

  • 1 x Stainless Steel Smoothie Cup with lid and stainless steel straw
  • 1 x travel lid without a hole (perfect to pack your smoothie on the go!)
  • 1 x silicone straw
  • 1 x straw cleaner

Why we love it:

  • Who doesn't love a DELUXE edition! This has all the accessories you need
  • 100% plastic-free
  • Sleek, matte stainless steel body 
  • Double-walled to keep your drink cold all day
  • Silicone ring seal
  • Stainless steel & Silicone straws
  • Straw cleaner to scrub out the bits of day-old kale that get stuck (fun!)


  • 420ml capacity
  • Cup measures 14.3cm x 8.4cm without the straw

One giant kick in the pants for single-use plastic smoothie cups.

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