Eco Tip of the Week: 5 Great Reasons To Buy in Bulk

Purchasing your food in bulk is not just great for you, it's also great for the environment. Plus, it's easier to do now than before. Take a look at these reasons below and try shopping in bulk as much as you can, we think you will enjoy it too!

1. You'll save money

Generally speaking buying in bulk is cheaper. You are not paying for excess packaging so you should find it cheaper than buying similar items at the supermarket. It may also mean spending less time in the supermarket, which can result in even more savings, as most of us frequently indulge in spontaneous purchases.

2. You'll reduce waste

Buying in bulk eliminates the need for fancy packaging & single-use plastic! Remember, some food packaging can release its chemical components into your food, too. On top of that, not only will you reduce your packaging waste, you'll also reduce your food waste because...

3. You'll only get what you need

You can scoop out exactly how much you need so there is no food waste! With no minimum purchase of anything in store, you can also buy small quantities of various items. This allows you to try new things or gives you the opportunity to get creative in the kitchen! 

4. You'll refill, reuse, and recycle

When buying in bulk, you are encouraged to bring in your own jars, containers and bags for refill. Just measure your containers before you fill them up so you won’t be charged extra. Glass or stainless steel is the way to go! Cotton and/or hemp reusable produce bags are also great. 

5. You'll get back to basics and shop consciously 

In todays fast paced world there is a huge need to get back to basics- to keep things as simple as possible! This is exactly what bulk buying is about. It also helps you to think about your food waste and the amount of packaging being used. Before you know it you will be thinking of ways to shop more conscientiously in every aspect of your life! 


Go the extra mile! Why stop at food? Buy shampoo, soap, toilet paper, and anything else available in bulk or large sizes!