Dale's Zero Waste Ratatouille

My Dad, Dale, is an incredible cook & his favourite recipe for adding veggies into our diet (as kids) & ensuring no veggies went to waste was Ratatouille. 

Ratatouille originated in the south of France; it's colourful & packed with summer veggies.  It's the perfect meal to prepare in advance - in the oven or the Air Fryer & stock the freezer for an easy, nutritious mid week meal.  We stored ours in the largest Eco Stow Rectangle 2600ml.   

Veggie Preparation - Zero Waste Ratatouille Compost Bin

It can be made 100% Vegan, vegetarian or with the protein of your choice. This one has halloumi but mix it up to find your favourite combination.    You can make this a one dish cook up or batch cook veggies low & slow on baking trays. Depends on your cooking style!  Either way, we recommend using Un-Baking Paper to reduce your single use waste. 

Seed & Sprout Un-Baking Paper - Ratatouille Eggplant Zero Waste Recipe

Remember to wash your veggies with The Vege Bar feed your Compost with all the scraps! 



350 grams of halloumi 

x2 Red capsicums 

x2 Yellow capsicums

x1 Green capsicum 

x2 Zucchinis

x1 Eggplant 

x1 800ml tin of crushed tomatoes

x2 teaspoons of tomato paste (optional)

x1 Spanish Onion

x1 head of garlic 

1/2 teaspoon of fennel seeds

1/2 teaspoon of chilli flakes

5 sprigs of fresh thyme 

Fresh basil leaves (torn)

Salt & Pepper

Olive oil 


1. Choose your baking vessel - you can cook in the Oven or Air Fryer. We recommend Air Fryer Bowl -Round or Square or Eco Stow in Rectangle.  We'll assume you've chosen the Eco Stow.  This recipe is for Oven cooking - if you're using an Air Fryer - put all ingredients in together & cook at 180 degrees until it smells delicious!

Seed & Sprout Zero Waste Air Fryer Ratatouille

2. Heat oven to 180 degrees (if using oven) & line your baking tray with Un-Baking Paper

Baking Dish & Un-Baking Paper Zero Waste Ratatouille - Seed & Sprout

3. Keep garlic whole but chop all other veggies into cubes - keeping them separate (they bake at different speeds).  It's best to cook each component separately but this adds time (& additional dishes to wash).  Using a couple of baking trays will speed up the process.  Always line with Un-Baking Paper & drizzle olive oil & season with salt & pepper for each veggie. 

4. Place whole garlic into oven & cook for 15-20 mins.  You'll smell when it's ready! Remove and set aside to cool.  

Zero Waste Ratatouille - Roasted Garlic Un-Baking Paper

4. Add sliced onion into oven & cook for 10 mins until slightly caramelised.   Set aside to cool. 

 Seed & Sprout Zero Waste Ratatouille Un-Baking Paper Roast Onions

5. Add eggplant into oven & cook for 15-20 mins depending on size of cubes.  Set aside to cool.

 Seed & Sprout Zero Waste Ratatouille Un-Baking Paper Roasted Eggplant

6. Add zucchinis into oven & cook for 15-20 mins depending on size of cubes.  Set aside to cool.

 Seed & Sprout Zero Waste Ratatouille Roasted Zucchini Un-Baking

7. Set garlic aside & combine all the cooked veggies into the largest Rectangle Eco Stow.  If you're meal prepping for a a single serve or a side dish a Dip Bowl or smaller Eco Stow would be a better option.  

Seed & Sprout Zero Waste Ratatouille  Un-Baking Paper Roasted Garlic

8. Add crushed tomatoes & combine by stirring gently.  Add the garlic by squeezing out the roasted garlic from each bulb or add whole if you prefer. 

 Seed & Sprout Zero Waste Ratatouille Crushed Tomato Un-Baking Paper

9. Slice the halloumi into small sticks & place on top of the dish.  Drizzle with olive oil, season with salt & pepper & add fennel seeds (& optional chili flakes). 

 Seed & Sprout Zero Waste Ratatouille - Roast Halloumi Un-Baking Paper

10. Bake in oven for 25 mins or until bubbling & halloumi sticks are golden brown.  If you plan to freeze & reheat - slightly undercooking is the best method to ensure the halloumi isn't overcooked.

11.  Serve immediately or allow to cool before placing in the fridge or freezer. 

Seed & Sprout Zero Waste Ratatouille - Un-Baking Paper & Silicone Spatula

12. Seal Eco Stow with silicone air vent & store in fridge.  It will keep for 3-4 days in fridge or up to 3 months in freezer.  To defrost, simply place in oven (remove glass lid first) & heat for 20 mins on 180 degrees or reheat in microwave on defrost setting (remove the glass lid).  

Eco Stows are oven, freezer, microwave & dishwasher.  When heating always remove the lid.  To lock in freshness in the fridge or freezer - use the silicone air vent to remove air to create a perfect seal.