Air Fryer Recipe Collection by Sophie Kovic

As you may know, we're OBSESSED with our Air Fryer. Last year we released a whole bunch of Air Fryer Accessories to make cooking way easier and way way less messy! It keeps selling out so we figure you love your Air Fryer too ūüėú.

To help inspire your Air Fryer game to greater heights, we've compiled all of our fave Air Fryer recipes below. We can't promise they're all healthy but we can promise they're DELICIOUS!

Enjoy x


  1. Air Fryer Lemon Tarts
  2. Vego Air Fryer Nachos
  3. No Waste Air Fryer Potatoes
  4. Air Fryer Brownies 
  5. Air Fryer Bread & Butter Pudding
  6. Air Fryer Easy Vegetarian Quiche


 Tomato & Feta Pasta


 One Tray Date Night


Lemon Tarts



Easy Zucchini Scrolls



Veggie Quiche


 Chocolate Brownie 


 You're welcome!