Quick Vegetarian Air Fryer Nachos

It's mid week; you're out of patience & in need of something quick, filling and easy to clean up! Suitable for Oven or Air Fryer this is a great dish that can be grown into a family meal or just a starter to quiet hungry tummies! 

Vegetarian Air Fryer or Oven Nachos Dinner Inspiration

Vegetarian Air Fryer Nachos


x1 packet of Organic Corn Chips (Dona Cholita's are our favourites!)

1x cup shredded vegan cheese (tasty cheese works well too)

1/4 cup sliced kalamata olives

1/4 fresh cherry tomatoes sliced

1/4 tomato salsa  (made fresh or store bought)

Freshly chopped chili & coriander to season

Lime (vest & juice)



Two ways to cook this recipe: Oven or Air Fryer.  

1. Layer all ingredients into a Square Air Fryer Bowl 

Oven; place an Un-Baking Paper sheet on an oven tray (especially if you're cooking other vegetables like a side of cheesy corn). Place loaded Square Air Fryer Bowl onto the tray

Air Fryer: all ingredients into the Square Air Fryer Bowl 

Vegetarian Air Fryer Nachos

2. Place into the oven and cook until the cheese is melting (approximately 25 mins on 180).  Place into the Air Fryer for 20 mins on 190 degrees. 

Vegetarian Air Fryer Nachos Recipe

3. Remove and serve! 

Vegetarian Air Fryer Nachos Dinner Inspiration

4. Place all items into a dishwasher & put your feet up!