Makeup remover pads - Set of 5

Makeup remover pads - Set of 5

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Wipe away single use!

Do you currently use wet wipe eye make-up removers? Did you know they typically contain plastic so, once they reach the sea, they last for a long time, causing havoc with marine life. Or do you currently use disposable cotton rounds? Did you know that cotton farming has a huge environmental cost, both in water consumption and the leaching of chemicals into the eco system. They also tend to be packaged in plastic.

Our reusable make-up rounds are made from a sustainable bamboo and cotton. Once used, just place them in the cotton net bag included and chuck them in your next laundry load! Easy peasy!

 What you get

5 x reusable 80% bamboo 20%cotton make-up remover pads 

1 x cotton wash bag

Why we love it

  • Super soft for delicate facial. 
  • Such an easy way to reduce your plastic footprint 
  • Say no to single use
  • Comes with an easy to use cotton wash bag


Each round measures 8.5cm diameter

Care Instructions
  • After use, place your pads in the cotton mesh bag and add them to your next laundry load.  

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