Stainless Steel Straws

At Seed & Sprout, we’re all about finding healthy and sustainable alternatives to everyday products. Our company was founded by one Aussie mom who couldn’t find a good lunch box for her son to carry to school. She took this challenge and turned it into a passion for eco friendly living. Read More

Since then our line of products has grown tremendously. Our stainless steel bento lunchbox started a trend in better food storage, and we’ve kept it going. Stainless steel straws are a logical next step because we believe in making simple changes that create big results.

Stainless Steel is a Healthy Alternative to Plastic

Keeping the Earth healthy is only one part of what we do. We also like to help you look after your own health by providing you with safe products for food storage and consumption. Plastic straws are often filled with BPAs, and these have been linked to many ailments.

BPAs can actually mimic estrogen in the body and disrupt proper hormone development, so it’s very important to be careful what plastics you use for your children’s food. We decided to take plastic out of the picture entirely, and that’s why you’ll find a wide array of stainless steel products on our website.

Reusable Straws are Much Better for the Environment

Plastic was invented in 1907 by a Belgian immigrant living in the United States. Like many new inventions, it completely changed how people function. It reduced the use of glass in manufacturing and made goods more affordable at purchase.

Of course, new inventions often have repercussions that take time to show. While plastic was quick to become popular, we’ve found that it’s not so quick to break down. There are some plastics that have a longer life than your entire ancestry!

So, you may not meet your great great great grandchildren; but those plastic straws in your kitchen could very well make their acquaintance. A reusable alternative keeps scores of plastic straws out of our waterways and landfills.

Our Straws are Easily Washable and Dishwasher Safe

Life gets busy, and that’s why we know sustainability has to fit easily into your daily routine. All of our stainless steel products are easily washable and dishwasher safe. Our straws come with a pipette designed to fit down into the straw so you can be sure it’s clean every time you use it.

We know you have a lot to do, and that’s why we make it easy to keep our reusable products clean. Much like plastic, they’ll also last for a long while.

Seed & Sprout Straws are a Great Choice for Your Family

Seed & Sprout is family-owned and mom-friendly. We care about taking care of the Earth, and that means taking care of you too! We’re all family in this world, and we all need to do our part to create a better life. Besides, it’s not like Australia has an unlimited amount of space to build on. The less of it we use for garbage, the better.

So have a look at our stainless steel straws. Australia will thank you for doing your part to keep our country beautiful, and your kitchen will never be the same!

Seed & Sprout is Australia's best sustainable lunchware store. They sell stainless steel lunch boxes, bento boxes, eco friendly grocery bags and reusable bags. Browse our store online or call us to place an order today!

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