Spice Jars - Set of 6

Spice Jars - Set of 6

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Organise your collection of spices and seasonings with our new Spice Jar Set! 

Thyme and thyme again we seem to be organising and re-organising our spice drawer, rack or shelf - until now...

This set will have your spices organised in a curry and will be one part of the kitchen you'll be happy to be cumin home to! And the best part? They're a blank canvas so you can fill them with any spices you have at home.

If you do want to tell your paprika from your chilli we suggest using a chalk marker to write on them. It'll simply wash off with water! 

What you get:

  • 6 Glass Spice Jars with bamboo lids
    200ml capacity - 10.4cm x 5.8cm diameter

Why we love them:

  • A stylish and beautiful way to organise your spices
  • Say goodbye to herbs in plastic bags - simply refill them at your local bulk food store
  • Your jars will be with you for life
  • FDA Food Safe approved 

Use & Care instructions:

  • Hand wash before first use
  • Glass bottoms can go in the dishwasher, hand wash the bamboo lids.
  • For caked on food, soak glass bottoms in solution of baking soda and dish soap
  • Avoid any abrasive cleaners or scrubbers on the bamboo lids
  • Dry bamboo lids promptly and allow them to dry properly before using them
  • Spice Jar sets are safe for the freezer

Can I use them in the microwave? You can use them in the microwave without the lid on. 

Can I use them in the oven ? Yes you can use them in the oven! Take the lid off first. 

Is the capacity of the container with or without the lid on? The capacity listed is the size of the glass container without the lid on. 

Are they freezer safe? Yes they are! Just wait for any hot liquids to cool down before you place them in the freezer. 

Please note: Bamboo is a natural product so you will see slight colour variations throughout the range of bamboo lids

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