Reusable Clear Food Wrap Set

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Time to detox from that cling wrap habit!

When we sprouted the wraps, I knew we were onto something. 

For years I too had been using cling wrap, a single-use plastic film that isn't recyclable or biodegradable.

A product that gets its stretchy/stickiness from all the chemicals and resins they add to it, which all end up touching our food!

Well bollocks to that. Witness instead our delightful, reusable clear food wraps.

Stretch 'em over your bowls, your dishes, mugs or jugs and they'll seal (water)tight without adding to our global plastic problem. Or use them in the oven instead of baking paper. Do it with me now - s-t-r-e-t-c-h!!!!

"I've got a set of these and can vouch for how amazing they are! They stretch ALOT, which is great... Have even covered a glass of soup with one of the covers and swished the glass up and down in front of my boyfriend to show him. Thank you @seedandsproutco for always providing such incredible products! Xo" - @isabellajeanandrews

So, to wrap it up:

  • BPA-free, plastic-free, reusable silicone
  • Set of 3, 10cm, 20cm and 30cm squares to cover lots of containers
  • Wraps adhere and stretch, protecting and making a leakproof seal (which is something your beeswax wrap can't do - though we do love beeswax wraps too!)
  • Use instead of baking paper - can withstand up to 250C
  • Dishwasher safe but wiping or rinsing clean instead will help them perform better for longer 
  • 100% vegan (no beeswax)
  • Cover everything from leftovers to pasta or the dish you're taking to the barbie (anything you used to cling wrap)
  • Store them in a cool, clean, dry place flat, rolled or folded

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Instructions for use:

  1. Prepare by making sure both the surface of the bowl and the wrap are dry.
  2. Place the wrap shiny side down, bumpy side up.
  3. Stretch (rather than drape) the food wrap over the surface of the bowl from one side to the other until it grips and forms an airtight bond. 
  4. Store food as usual. 

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