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We all know that doing whatever we can to help in the efforts to stop and reverse the damage that human society is doing to the environment is one of our most important responsibilities as members of the modern world. After all, some irrevocable damage has already been done and – if we don’t act swiftly and deliberately – the problems we’re facing within even a generation or two could be absolutely immense. Read More

Here at Seed & Sprout, we’ve developed our unique, eco lunch box in an effort to help people make more environmentally-friendly, sustainable choices as part of their day to day lives. We know that global change must begin with local – even individual – choices made by each of us in our families and communities; and, as a business, we’re passionate about helping to facilitate these changes in a convenient and affordable way.

Our eco friendly lunch box is designed and manufactured using ethical, sustainable methods and made from stainless steel. Unlike many other products available on the market, it can be reused for many years to come rather than simply being thrown out after a few months, helping to put an end to the damaging ‘throw-away’ culture that has developed in recent decades and which is at the heart of so much pollution and habitat destruction.

In a further attempt to help deal with these issues, we also provide a complimentary seed card with every order, allowing our customers to plant seeds and watch as they grow over the following months and years.

And, for every order we receive, we commit to ensuring that one new tree is planted somewhere where it’s greatly needed – helping to minimise the extremely worrying consequences of global deforestation. 

Buy Your Quality Eco LunchBox Today

The reviews and feedback we receive from our customers confirms that it’s not just the big challenge of finding ways to be more environmentally-friendly that our products help with: it’s also the much less significant (but equally common and frustrating) issue of how to store and transport a packed lunch.

Regardless of whether you make packed lunches just for yourself or for the whole family, it’s inevitably a significant part of your morning or evening routine. And as a result, you’re bound to be aware of how limited the options are when it comes to finding a truly top-quality lunch box.

Too many are simply not durable enough and end up leaking or falling apart after only a few weeks of being used on a daily basis, and a surprising number don’t even have enough storage space to fit a sandwich – let alone a full, balanced lunch.

The Seed & Sprout lunch boxes are designed with the Japanese bento in mind, meaning they’ve got an upper level conveniently divided into sections where various small food items can be stored, along with a lower, open section which is perfect for storing a sandwich or bagel.

So when it comes to investing in a practical, affordable and eco friendly lunch box, look no further. Simply place your order online today.

Seed & Sprout is Australia's best sustainable lunchware store. They sell stainless steel lunch boxes, bento boxes, eco friendly grocery bags and reusable bags. Browse our store online or call us to place an order today!

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