Softer Footprints. Better Living: A New Year Message from Founder Sophie Kovic

Seed & Sprout Team


I noticed a well worn and well placed sign today on my travels that made quite an impression. It’s really got me thinking about my intentions for the new year. It said:

“If you don’t change anything, then nothing will change”

I started Seed & Sprout because I passionately believe that we can collectively make the world a better place through small changes. That our everyday choices through small but essential steps, can help us live a more sustainable and mindful way of living. It’s so crazy to think Seed & Spout is here because of a lunchbox - a small step indeed!

I do truly believe that it’s possible to live a truly meaningful and beautiful life through intuition and authenticity. So I’m reaffirming my intention to live even more by inner compass - the compass that aligns with my core values.

At Seed & Sprout, we believe that each individual is on their unique eco-journey. It's not about achieving perfection but doing what you can, when you can. Our role at Seed & Spout isn't just about providing high-quality lifestyle products; it's about empowering our community to embrace small yet significant steps towards a plastic free existence.

Reflecting on the past year, I'm filled with gratitude for our incredible community. Your commitment to making mindful choices has been inspiring. I love our interactions, your suggestions, your passion.

Here are five ideas to spark softer footprints and better living:

  1. Embrace Small Changes: Whether it's switching to reusable products, reducing single-use plastics, or embracing Climatarian Diets, every small change matters.
  2. Mindful Consumption: Before making a purchase, ask yourself if it aligns with your core values. Opt for products that are durable, ethically made, and have a minimal environmental impact. Better yet, second hand!
  3. Educate and Share: Knowledge is empowering. Let's continue to educate ourselves and share our learnings with friends and family. Small conversations can spark significant change.
  4. Sustainable Habits: From composting kitchen scraps to conserving water and energy, let's integrate sustainable habits into our daily routines. Collectively, they make a substantial impact.
  5. Advocate for Change: Engage with local communities, support sustainable initiatives, and advocate for greener policies. Our collective voice can drive change.

Not one of us is perfect or will do a perfect job but I believe that any progress is good progress - even the tiniest thing!

Seed & Sprout is committed to supporting you every step of the way. The team and I are here to provide you tools, resources, and encouragement to make your eco-journey smoother and more rewarding.

Thank you for being part of the Seed & Sprout community. Here's to a year filled with authenticity, progress and positivity.

Love Sophie xx

Sophie Kovic