Travel Cup

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It's finally here! The perfect Travel Cup.

Made to honour the morning ritual.

Because let's face it, It's the little things. 

Crafted of resilient glass so it feels like a proper coffee (or golden mylk, whatever floats your boat) and shields you from heat with our gorgeous sage green BPA free #plasticfree silicone band. 

  • Not too big, not too small. It's just right (235ml or 8oz - latte glass size)
  • No plastic to be found anywhere - only sand-derived, food-safe silicone
  • Shatter-resistant glass cup
  • Microwavable
  • Removable band for easy cleaning
  • Hella pretty and un-forgettable

We encourage you to join the #NoCupNoCoffee movement. Forget your cup? No coffee for you. Pretty easy to get in the habit after doing that once or twice! 

Seed and Sprout Coffee Travel Cup