Leaf Razor (matte silver)

Leaf Razor (matte silver)

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Welcome to the better way to shave. 

This is hands down the best safety razor on the market! We are SO freakin' excited to bring this to you, it's a game changer! 

Introducing the Leaf Razor with its revolutionary technology that has overcome the downsides to the traditional safety razor (ouch) and the modern plastic three blade disposables (too much plastic waste) to create this ultimate razor. This solid zinc and stainless steel razor can be customised with 1, 2 or 3 standard blades for a closer shave and has a pivoting head for those difficult to reach areas. 

What you get

1 x Leaf razor in matte silver finish

1 x pack of 20 blades (40 edges as you snap them in half - enough to last you aaaages!)

Why we love it

  • The only pivot-head forever razor on the market
  • Save the planet, save your skin, save your wallet. Triple win!
  • 100% Plastic-Free and made from recycled materials
  • Delivers a smooth, comfortable shave fully customisable to suit you.
  • The razor is built to last. Buy the replacement blades at a fraction of the cost of disposable cartridges. Dispose of your blades in our blade disposer and once full it can be sent off to be recycled. 
  • Leaf Razor is covered by a limited lifetime warranty


Razor: 15cm L x 4.5cm W at head 

Direction of use

1) Snap the double edged blade in the paper before loading them up in your Razor. 

2) Customise your blades for the best shave. The bottom blade offers most aggressive/closest shave, the middle offering medium aggressiveness and the top the least aggressive.

3) For longevity, store razor outside of the shower

Always be careful - Razor blades are sharp!  Please use caution when handling razor blades and the Leaf Razor.  Keep them out of the reach of children and dispose of used razor blades properly.


Solid zinc and stainless steel.

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