Leaf 50 Blade Pack

Leaf 50 Blade Pack

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50 blades for the smoothest shave!

Simple, stainless steel, single-edged blades for a sustainable shave each and every time!

Gone through all your blades? You can now get your hands on a pack of 50 blades to get you through a number of zero-waste shaves!

Made from cold-forged Swedish steel, these single-edged blades have a platinum coating so they’ll stay sharper for longer and have been designed to provide the perfect balance between closeness and comfort.

Plus they come in an efficient little box that barely takes up any space in your bathroom cupboard.

Why we love them:

  • Efficient and easy to use
  • Never buy plastic razor blades again!
  • Ideal for your leaf or twig razor


  • 5cm x 1.9cm x 2.3cm


  • For longevity, store outside of the shower.