CrunchBox Patches

CrunchBox Patches

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Customise your lunch box, tote bag or even your clothing if you like!

What a gorgeous way to customise your kids lunchbox, or yours! These patches can be added to the CrunchBox Case or tote bags for added cuteness. Sold in a cotton carry pouch that can be clipped onto your tote bag for keeping keys, coins etc.

What you get

  • Set of 9 iron or sew on patches in a reusable carry pouch with clip

Why we love it

  • A perfect addition to the CrunchCase
  • Patches can be used like merit badges
  • Carabiner clip makes this perfect for carrying school canteen money, bus pass or toting trinkets  
  • Sewn in label for writing yours or your child's name


  • Pouch: 12 x 9.5 cm
  • Patches range is size from: 3cm to 8cm
Use & Care Instructions
  • Sew or iron on
  • Iron instructions: place the patch in desired location and heat up the iron to 150℃-160℃ (medium setting) . Place a tea towel on top of the lunch bag and press down the iron using a circular motion for 15 seconds. Check intermittently to see if the glue has melted. The corners must be pressed several times to ensure all the glue melts. The patches are washable in a cold wash (do not use fabric conditioner, do not tumble dry) but will depend on the wash instruction of the item they are attached to.
  • For safety reasons it is recommended that patches should be ironed on by adults.




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