Full Fridge Makeover (Private Offer)

Full Fridge Makeover (Private Offer)

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Are you ready for a full fridge makeover?

If you are landing here, it's because you have private access to my Full Fridge Makeover package, worth $351!

Offer includes everything you need to keep food fresh:

  • 4 x Large 1500ml silicone pouches ($88)
  • 4 x Small 1000ml silicone pouches ($76)
  • 4 x Bamboo Lid Glass Rectangular Storage Containers (Eco Stow Set $89)
  • 4 x Bamboo Lid Glass Jars (Pantry Jar Set x 2 $98)

Keep all your delicious product fresh (and plastic-free) with this all-in-one collection of gorgeous eco storage options. 

This pack will fully transform the way you store and enjoy your fresh produce, extending the shelf life of your veggies from 2x-10x!  

I want to thank you so much for being a fundamental part of the fight against plastic! 

Sophie x



     Eco sustainable fridge storage products

    Silicone food fresh storage pouch

    Eco storage containers glass bamboo