Subscription FAQ's

What is a subscription?

A subscription allows you to receive your favourite consumable items on an ongoing basis, delivered conveniently to your door. You can choose how often you would like the goods to arrive and will be billed automatically.

Which products can I get a subscription for?

We are initially launching subscriptions with the follow bars:

  1. Shampoo Bar

  2. Body Bar

  3. Shave Bar

  4. Dish Bar

You can tailor your subscription to select how many products you would like to receive and how often. 

Will more subscription products be available in the future?


How does it work?

Within the listing for each item select from the dropdown menu how many items you would like to receive and how often.

Will I be charged postage?

Yes, standard postage applies to subscription orders.

Who can subscribe? Is an international subscription available?  

Our subscriptions are currently available to customers in Australia and New Zealand only. We hope to offer international subscriptions in the near future.