Here for your $20 store credit??? Shhhh don't let word get out.

To get your store credit, just send a selfie video of you telling us what you think of the product. Nothing fancy here, just grab your phone, set the camera to reverse, and shoot. 

We want the world to know how cool our boxes are so just email your vid to and we'll promptly email you your $10 coupon. Easy peasy. 

And if you want to go one step further, upload it to Amazon as a product review and we'll send you a $20 coupon! 

Email your video to us now!


*By submitting your video you give Seed & Sprout Co. rights to publicly publish your testimonial.


  1. Email your video to with the subject 'VIDEO REVIEW'.
  2. Don't forget to include your Amazon name if you have left us a review so we can verify it. 
  3. We want to see your happy face in the video. Please don't be shy. 
  4. Have fun and enjoy!