Giving Back

Giving back to the community in which we live and work by supporting charities and organisations is an important part of our journey. We’ve been fortunate to work with a number of local and global charities to support causes that are important to us.


We’re proud of our achievements to date but we're not done yet - we have more projects in the pipeline that we can’t wait to share with you! 

Palm Oil Discovery 

In February 2021, we were made aware of a devastating discovery - that some of our products may contain traces of Palm Oil. 

We are acutely aware that Palm Oil continues to be a major driver of deforestation of some of the world’s most biodiverse forests and is responsible for the pending extinction of the critically endangered species who rely on these forests for survival. 

In the wake of these findings, as a team we’ve been educating ourselves, working with and giving back to charities and organisations that help combat this global issue. 

International Animal Rescue Indonesia 

We’re proudly donating 10% of profits to International Animal Rescue Indonesia - a charity organisation dedicated to protecting primates and their habitats with a holistic approach through multi-stakeholder cooperation to create a harmonious ecosystem between the environment, animals, and humans. 

You can learn more about the charity here.

Orangutan Alliance

We donated $50,000 to the Orangutan Alliance, an independent, non-profit organisation and registered charity and palm oil free certification body that provides support for reforestation, orangutan rescue, and other meaningful projects that counteract the devastation caused by the Palm Oil Industry as well as promote development of alternative ingredients. 

You can learn more about the charity here.

We’ve planted a tree for every order from our inception to February 2021. 

Our planet is currently losing over 15 billion trees each year—that’s 56 acres of forest every minute! To help combat this global issue, we’re proud to have been able to plant thousands of trees. 

Here’s where some of our efforts have gone: 

In the wake of the Amazon fires in 2019 we focused our efforts on the Amazon Rainforest. One of our quarterly donations planted over 10,000+ trees in this area alone!

In 2020, we were able to plant over 36,000+ trees in Sierra Gorda Reserve of Mexico, Boreal Forest of Canada, Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, India and Mount Elgon area of Uganda and over 20,000+ trees across Australia via the WWF tree planting initiative as part of the Towards Two Billion Trees. 

Indigenous Literacy Foundation 

During January 2021, we donated 10% of sales from our Back to School Bundles to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation to support the purchase and supply of books and literacy resources to remote Indigenous communities. The organisation also helps inspire Indigenous communities to tell and publish their own stories in their own languages.

You can learn more about the charity here.

BushFire Relief Support 

The 2019-2020 bushfire season was one of the worst in history. Devastating bushfires rapidly grew out of control across Australia with the local Northern NSW region significantly impacted. 

To support the recovery and rehabilitation of injured wildlife we donated all proceeds from our Seed & Sprout 2019 Christmas gift wrapping service to WIRES (Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service) - an organisation that has been rescuing and caring for native animals for over 30 years.

You can learn more about the organisation here

We also contributed to the Red Cross Disaster and Recovery Relief appeal to support and help communities prepare, respond and recover from the disaster. 

You can learn more about the charity here.

Aussie Ark 

Aussie Ark is a charity committed to creating a long-term future for a number of threatened Australian species by securing wild sanctuaries to conserve native wildlife, free from unnatural predation. 

Over the years we’ve supported Aussie Ark through a number of initiatives including donating profits from our Sustainabili-Tees and during the devastating 2019-2020 bushfires.

You can learn more about the charity here.