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Hey guys, my name is Sophie.

I’m writing to you today because I have a problem.

I’ve always struggled a bit with environmentalism. We have these big, powerful brains with the ability to see reason and to feel a conscience. Yet I’ve suffered from a selective bias; an ability to switch off to the big issues.

As a young adult I wanted to do something that I felt would alleviate my guilt. I heard someone say the 3 biggest impact things you can do to improve the state of the world are 1. Go vegetarian 2. Never buy bottled water or 3… I forget.

So I went 1. I was vego for a year and a half. It was great and I felt I was doing a good deed for the world.

And then everyone started talking about going Vegan. Soon, I was dissatisfied with my effort. It all felt too hard, like no matter what I did I couldn’t make a difference.

I fell off the bandwagon. Life’s for living, I said!

But after a while I felt a bit off. Like I wasn’t on the spiritual path anymore. I was just living, enjoying myself, but a had a nagging disappointment. Can’t I do better? Aren’t I capable of SOMETHING?

Around then my son started school. He goes to a Steiner school and if you’re not familiar with that concept, the school has a pretty strong environmental stance, among other things. We weren’t allowed to pack anything single-use or any plastics in his lunch. Which included the lunch box itself. How great, I thought!

But what turned out to be great in theory proved to be VERY DIFFICULT in reality.

New to lunch packing in general, the task of packing his lunch, already a fussy eater, had become a mammoth, painstaking process.

I used jars, I used bamboo fibre, I had pots and bottles and tins. Nothing rivalled the convenience of plastic and cling wrap. And it all cost a fortune. I actually paid over $100 for one steel lunch box once!

This good deed, trying to save the planet, had cost me time, effort and money!

That’s when I realised I had the power to do something about it. After all, if I was suffering with the struggle of finding easy ways to live a healthy, eco-conscious life, surely other people were too.

I would make my own convenient, eco-friendly products that would make life easier and do good for the planet.

But I had an issue. I wasn’t vegan. I wasn’t zero-waste. How can I found a company based on the ethics of environmentalism if I don’t walk AND talk the talk?

But I wanted to, so I kept going. And as I progressed I realised that although I may not be perfect, I can still move towards a better goal.

And… and this is when the penny really dropped for me; if I could make it easier on the EVERYDAY person, just like me, then I could really make an impact!

And so I created Seed and Sprout. A company focused on reducing reliance on single-use plastics.

Now we are constantly working on exciting new solutions to everyday problems, that are not only accessible and affordable, but they also do good in the world. And every day I get closer to my goals.

I’m still on the journey, and I feel it may be a lifelong effort. But sometimes being too focused on perfection can be the enemy of progress.

I really hope you will join me in taking the small but easily achievable steps in life, which when done together, will have a real impact on our environment.

Thank you for being part of this important journey. We are all in this together.