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There are lots of styles for totes available from a variety of retailers, and choosing the right one is difficult but also rewarding. A good tote can make life so convenient! They’re great for shopping, but reusable tote bags come in handy whenever you need to transport food. Read More

Seed & Sprout offers a complete set of shopper bags containing different styles so you have a bag for everything you buy. Four of the bags are large totes, and all of them are made from 100% organic cotton. Trust us; once you switch to a cotton tote you’ll wonder why you haven’t been carrying one all along. Here’s why:

Cotton is Breathable and Absorbent

We all know that cotton allows airflow, that’s why there’s nothing better than a cotton t-shirt on a hot day. What you may not realise is why your shopping bags need to have airflow. Fruits and vegetables tend to wilt and rot more quickly if they are completely cut off from oxygen.

Cotton fibres are also very absorbent. This extends the life of produce and keeps the condensation that forms on cold items from sweating on your other groceries. That way, you won’t find soggy boxes once you arrive home.

No More Plastic Shopping Bags

Now that we’ve mentioned plastic bags, it’s time to address the elephant in the landfill. Plastic takes forever to break down, and it tends to drift into oceans and rivers. Animals eat it, or try to wear it. They’re animals; they don’t know any better.

We do, however. That’s why it’s important to do what we can to protect our wildlife. You can do a lot by switching to reusable totes for your shopping. We recommend keeping a set in your car so you never forget to bring them with you.

Cotton is Easily Washable

You’ll likely be using your shopping bags on a regular basis, and you’ll want to keep them clean. Cotton bags can be thrown straight in the wash and hung to dry. You can cut down on how frequently they need a wash by shaking out the bags after every use and laying them flat for an hour. This will keep any moisture they’ve absorbed from beginning to mildew.

The trick to living sustainably is to keep things simple. Purchasing bags that are easily washed helps you build up good habits. You’re more likely to stick with it if you can easily fit it into your usual routine.

Our Bags are 100% Organic and Safe

We use organic cotton because we know you’ll be carrying food in our bags. You never have to worry about contaminating your grocery items with pesticides or chemicals when you go organic. All of our products are made with safe materials that will not contaminate your food with BPAs, harmful metals or pesticides.

You can improve how you shop with a good tote. A shopper bag from Seed & Sprout is also a solid investment in the environment. Get started down the road to sustainable living today with our Farmers Market Shopping set, available for purchase through our online shop.

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