Leaf Razor Stand - Matte Silver

Leaf Razor Stand - Matte Silver

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Introducing the Leaf Stand - a sleek and nifty stand that holds your leaf razor perfectly.

It’s the sustainable shaving stand you’ve been waiting for!

Have you made the switch to a plastic-free leaf razor and need somewhere to display your new pride and joy? Look no further!

Place it next to the sink or in your bathroom cabinet. We keep ours out and on display - the more people who see this beauty the better! 

Why we love it: 

  • Fits the Leaf Razor perfectly.
  • Features a rubber base so you know it's not going anywhere. 
  • The most efficient way to store your plastic-free razor. 


  • 4.3cm x 3.4cm x 4cm


  • For longevity, store stand outside of the shower