Razor Blade Disposal Box

Razor Blade Disposal Box

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It's safety first with this Razor Blade Disposal Box.

The perfect accessory for our brand new Leaf razor. Simple, stylish and practical. Need we say more?!  Save the planet, save your skin, save your wallet. Triple win!

What you get

1 x tin razor disposal box

Why we love it

  • 100% Plastic-Free 
  • Dispose of your blades in our blade disposer and once full it can be sent off to be recycled
  • Safe way to dispose of your blades


6.5cm wide x 5.3cm high x 4.7cm deep

Direction of use

Dispose of your used razor blades in the slot in the top of the tin. Once full the tin can be sealed and sent off for recycling or you can open the base to place used blades in a different container. 



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