Leak-Proof Dip Pot

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Separating the mess from the rest.

Dips and sauces and dressings make life so much tastier!

But how to transport them to the school or office or picnic without splodgy messes eventuating?

And without resorting to single-use soy sauce fishes or mini hummus packets or salad dressing packets? 

These smart-lookin' pods are the answer - put the leaky stuff in, put on the leak-proof lid and it can't touch anything else til you're ready for them to meet. 

And we're telling you: for kids, a little pot of goop makes for some crazy fun at lunchtime!

"I have the pack of three and absolutely love them! Use them on a daily basis and am thinking of getting the single one because the color is so nice!" - @kirarundel

Coming your way:

  • 1 pot with dark olive green lid
  • Made of premium food-grade stainless steel
  • Lids are food-safe silicone (BPA and plastic free) and peel off easily
  • 100% leak proof
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Commonly used for dips, dressing, yoghurt and sauces (tamari or soy for sushi) - even almond milk if you BYO
  • Also great for small snacks like nuts, sultanas, cheese cubes 
  • Shop the bundle of 3 as well and you'll have all four colours!

Making all kinds of nasty little plastic packages redundant.

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