Silicone Straws - set of 5

Silicone Straws - set of 5

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Say it with me: No. More. Plastic. Straws.

Next time someone tries to put a plastic straw in your drink, just say NO THANKS and drink from the rim of your glass like mother earth intended! These are soft, super flexible silicone straws, perfect for kids and littles - yes please. 
And for those times when you really need a straw, STILL SAY NO while reaching into your bag to pull out one of your silicone straws from Seed & Sprout.

Nobody - I mean nobody, needs a throwaway bit of plastic that you use for literally minutes and that lives on for hundreds and hundreds of years!

What you get

  • Set of 5 food grade silicone straws
  • 1 x straw cleaner
  • Comes in a cotton drawstring bag for easy transportation

Why we love it

  • BPA-free, non toxic
  • Made of sand-derived silicone (no plastic)
  • Dishwasher, microwave, freezer safe
  • Heat resistant - 50C ~ 250C +
  • Suitable for soda (soft drinks), water, iced coffee, smoothies, kids' juices and other non-pulpy drinks
  • Won't go soggy and hard to suck like paper straws
  • Tastes 1000% better
  • Silicone is recyclable - ask your local council if they have silicone recycling in place.

Click here to find out more about Food Grade Silicone!


  • Each straw measures 21cm long (compatible with the smoothie cup)

Care instructions

  • Hand wash with the straw cleaner (especially after a smoothie). Also dishwasher safe.

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