Eco Straws

Sometimes it seems like caring for your health gets more difficult every day. There are so many products out there made from materials that are unhealthy to consume on a regular basis. That’s why it’s so important to know what materials are in the products you use daily.

Straws are one of those things that it’s easy to forget about. Lucky for you, Seed & Sprout is always on the lookout for ways we can create healthier alternatives for commonly used products. Eco friendly straws are a must for your health, and they’re also a great way to care for our environment.

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Multitasking is One Way to Save the World

When you make choices about the products you use regularly, the effects of those choices ripple out into the world. That’s why we love to make products that multitask at Seed & Sprout. You’ll find a hundred different ways to use your new straws, but it’s really not about that.

It’s about how making a good choice for your health can also be a good choice for the environment. There’s no denying that we don’t have the best track record when it comes to caring for the planet. It’s not that people don’t care, we’ve all just become used to doing things in a way that doesn’t work for the long term.

There’s No Need to Compromise with Our Products

Making those little changes can seem so daunting. Especially when the media often portrays environmentally-minded people as type A eco-warriors. We might be passionate, but we’re also practical. We know how to make something that fits easily into your life.

Seed & Sprout was founded on this principle, and that’s why everything we make takes into consideration both convenience and practicality. It might take an extra few minutes to clean your new straws, but the extra effort is worth the benefits.

Our Kits Come with Everything You Need

Not everyone likes the same style of drinking straw, and that’s why we currently have two kits available for purchase. One kit features straight straws while the other has straws with a slight bend at the top.

Both kits come with a cleaning wand that has a bristle on one end. This makes it easy to clean out the inside of your straws, and you should do this after every use. All of our straws are made from stainless steel and are perfectly safe for drinking. Our eco straws are 6mm in diameter and work well for pulpy beverages.

Join the Trend and Help it Grow!

Taking care of the environment is something we all have to do together. Every person who takes the time to make those little changes becomes an inspiration to others. With enough people joining in, we really can accomplish something great for our world.

Our products are safe, affordable, and convenient. As far as we’re concerned, that’s the best way to encourage others who need help getting started with an eco friendly lifestyle. See how you can help protect the environment with products from Seed & Sprout: shop our online store today!

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