Ultimate Pantry Bundle - SAVE 24%

Ultimate Pantry Bundle - SAVE 24%

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Get the organised, plastic-free pantry of your dreams!  

Ridding your pantry of plastic can seem daunting, but not with our Ultimate Pantry Bundle.

Including 14 pieces of plastic-free perfection, this bundle has got a shape and size for all your storage needs. Our Eco Stow Sets are the perfect combination of function and style. They'll keep your delicious goodies fresh and look beautiful while they do it! The best bit? This bundle comes with three sets of our much-loved Pantry Jars! These beauties never hang around for long - and for good reason. They're the perfect size for your wet and dry goods and stack perfectly

Apologies, this bundle is available for orders within Australia only.

What you get: 

  • 1 x Rectangle Eco Stow Set of 4
  • 1 x Round Eco Stow Set of 4
  • 3 x Pantry Jar Set of 2 

Why we love it:

  • Never use a plastic container again
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for stacking
  • All vessels have lids made from FSC Bamboo
  • Borosilicate glass bodies are sturdy and stylish


Set of 4 - Rectangle Eco Stows

  • 370ml - 14.5cm x 10.4cm x 4.7cm
  • 640ml - 16.9cm x 12.3cm x 5.3cm
  • 1040ml - 19.6cm x 14.6cm x 6.0cm
  • 1520ml - 22.0cm x 16.4cm x 6.6cm

Set of 4 - Round Eco Stows

  • 400ml - 13.0cm x 5.2cm
  • 620ml - 14.9cm x 5.9cm
  • 950ml - 17.2cm x 6.5cm
  • 1750ml - 20.1cm x 8.5cm

Set of 2 - Pantry Jars (you receive 3 complete sets)

  • 900ml Capacity - 10cm diameter x 14.8cm
  • 450ml Capacity - 10cm diameter x 7.9cm

Use & Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash before first use
  • Glass bottoms can go in the dishwasher, hand wash the bamboo lids.
  • For a deep clean, soak glass bottoms in solution of baking soda and dish soap
  • Avoid any abrasive cleaners or scrubbers on the bamboo lids
  • Dry bamboo lids promptly and allow them to dry completely before using them

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    PLEASE NOTE: Apologies, this bundle is available for orders within Australia only. Any international orders placed will regretfully be cancelled & refunded.

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