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Did you know that nearly a thousand sea turtles die from plastics in the ocean each year? Many of them get tangled up in discarded fishing refuse, but sea turtles have been known to eat plastic bags as well. The turtle can’t help it. Usually, it has tasty treats wrapped inside! Read More

That’s why eco shopping bags are a turtle’s best friend. You see, people are already working out ways to clean rubbish from the oceans. It’s going to take a while, but it can be done. Now we just need to get everyone on board with keeping it from making its way right back in.

Protect the Environment with Simple Changes to Daily Habits

Pollution, no matter how it’s created, is really only made from one thing: daily habits. Garbage doesn’t just magically appear in landfills and oceans! People put it there, many of us without even thinking about it.

We think about it at Seed & Sprout, and that’s why we design products that make it easy for you to change your lifestyle habits. Our reusable bags are one of many ways we have found to protect the environment. Here are some ideas for simple changes you can make that will create a better world.

Turn Away a Bag When You Don’t Need One

How many times do you stop off at a service station throughout the week or do a quick run to the store for a couple of items? You’re always given a bag, even when you can easily carry everything without one.

Try this out just to see: keep a scrap of paper in your car and mark down every time you run to the store. Make a tally for every time you take a bag you didn’t really need. You might be surprised by how often you do this!

You can solve this problem by refusing a bag when you don’t really need one. Or, you could always keep a reusable one in your car. That way you have it if you make an unexpected stop at the grocery store.

Plan Your Shopping More Carefully

Planning out your shopping is a must if you switch to sustainable bags. There are also lots of other ways thinking ahead can help you shop green. One thing to consider is buying in bulk.

This cuts down on the amount of materials used in packaging and is another small thing that adds up when lots of people do it. Remember though, you have to store whatever you buy!

Another thing you can do is look for local products. You can find these at some grocery stores and at your local farmer’s market. Buying local cuts down on transportation from farm to store and is an excellent habit for the environmentally conscious.

It’s Worth it to Protect Our Neighbours in the Sea

At Seed & Sprout, we truly believe every little bit helps. We encourage you to find small ways to create more sustainable daily routines. Whether you’re using our eco friendly shopping bags, or refusing bags all together!

We have many products that can help you reduce waste from daily household tasks. Take a look through our online shop and see some of our innovative designs for yourself.

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