Dish Soap Bar | Pink Grapefruit

Dish Soap Bar | Pink Grapefruit

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New look! Same Award Winning Bar! This grime-fighting Dish Soap Bar will leave your dishes squeaky clean without cluttering your sink with a pesky plastic bottle. 

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The Breakdown

New look! Same Award Winning Bar! This grime-fighting Dish Soap Bar will leave your dishes squeaky clean without cluttering your sink with a pesky plastic bottle. 

  • Made right here in Australia with fresh pink grapefruit oil and no synthetic fragrances 
  • Suds up like normal detergent to cut through even the toughest of grime
  • Plastic free, no SLS, & vegan friendly, good for you, good for your skin and good for the planet!
  • Equivalent to 3.5 x 300ml bottles of washing up liquid save money and reduce plastic heading to landfill

At Seed & Sprout we create eco friendly cleaning products to protect you and your family from harsh chemicals while banishing plastic from your home. Prioritise your family's health and the health of our planet by embracing a cleaner, greener lifestyle for a happier, healthier home.

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What You Get
1 x Dish Soap Bar 80g
1 x Dish Soap Bar Refill Set of 3 80g Bars
in our Pink Grapefruit scent
Why You'll Love It
- This Aussie made grime-busting beauty is vegan-friendly, plastic free & 100% palm oil free
- the way it should be!

- Works just as well as traditional detergent, leaving your dishes squeaky clean (without dirtying the Planet!)

- Pink Grapefruit scent is subtle & fresh and the lather helps cut through grease

- Our Dish Soap Bars are 100% Performance Guaranteed, but...if you try one and you're not bar-lown away we'll refund you the full purchase price!
Sustainable Features
- Packaged in a simple cardboard box that can be composted or recycled

- A zero waste product that won't leave anything behind

- No harsh chemicals entering your home or our waterways
Our Performance Guarantee
Our Dish Bars come with a 100% Performance Guaranteed. If you try one and you're not bar-lown away we'll refund you the full purchase price!
Awards & Certifications
Our entire Bar range received a prestigious Good Design Award in recognition for outstanding design as well the social and environmental impacts. Each of our Shampoo Bars is equivalent to 3.5 plastic bottles so while we help you to save money, YOU save the planet from plastic and harsh chemicals. Oh and did we mention luscious locks too?! Yay!
Made ethically with our trusted manufacturing partner right here in Australia!
Certified by Orangutan Alliance as 100% Palm Oil Free
Use & Care
- Scrape dishes to remove excess grease and food.

- For plates, bowls and cups, Wet your sponge and rub dish soap block to create suds. (Repeat as needed to refresh suds.) Wash items and rinse well.

- For pots and pans, use a scrubber or scourer.

- Works in warm or cold water. We prefer warm water for best results.

- Use it till it's gone, otherwise this product is compostable.
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What's in The Dish Bar?

The Heroes

Sodium Bicarbonate: Sodium bicarbonate is alkaline in nature, giving it the ability to neutralise acids. This function enhances the cleansing ability of our products. Sodium Cocoate (Saponified Coconut Oil): Forming the base of all of Seed & Sprout's cleansing products, sodium cocoyl isethionate is a mild and eco-friendly alternative to SLS.

The Ingredients

Sodium Cocoate (Saponified Coconut Oil), Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil (Citrus Paradisi)

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your dish soap bar so special?
With over 100 5* reviews and our most-purchased product of 2023 - we guarantee you'll absolutely love this product. If you don't we'll give you a full refund - simple as that!
Why do you classify this an eco friendly dish shop?
Packaged in a cardboard box you won't find any plastic here. We use plant based, biodegradable ingredients that are grey water safe and won't leave chemicals or synthetic fragrances behind. A zero waste product - use it up until its gone!
What makes the best dishwashing soap?
A great dish wash soap needs to do three things, remove grease & grime, not dry out your hands and smell nice. From the cleaning results to the scent and the gentle ingredients included in our Dish Bar - it's an all round winner for your dishes, your skin, and the planet!
Does an environmentally friendly dish soap work as well as normal detergent?
In's better! Derived from Coconut Oil, the Sodium Cocoate and Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate create a gentle lather to remove grease and grime. The Sodium Bicarbonate acts as a mild abrasive and odour neutraliser and the Pink Grapefruit Oil gives a refreshing scent that also acts as a antimicrobial agent. 4 environmentally friendly and non-toxic ingredients - good for you, good for the planet.
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