SAVE 30% Fresh Food Storage Bundle

SAVE 30% Fresh Food Storage Bundle

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So you've stopped using plastic, but now veggies are going soggy and your leftovers stale?

Stop the sog with our Ultimate Fresh Food Storage Bundle

Everything you need to eliminate plastic from your fridge, whilst keeping it fresher than ever!

Yes, you heard me. 

These products actually work better than plastic.

Bundle contains:
  • 2 x leak-proof food fresh fridge pouches 
  • 3 x reusable food wraps
  • 6 x stretch lids 
  • 4 x food huggers
Over $145 of value - not to mention the savings you will make on eliminating soggy fruit and veg from your crisper! 
The products in this bundle will help you eliminate glad wrap, plastic produce bags, baking paper, ziplock bags, freezer bags and plastic tupperware. 

    These products are made from food grade, sand-derived silicone, which is 100% non-toxic, BPA and Plastic-Free!

    Rest assured knowing you are not only doing what's right for the environment, but also your family's health. 

    Grab this bundle today and save over 30%!

    silicone reusable stretch lids

    Reusable Food Huggers