SAVE 55% Farmers Market Shopping Bundle

SAVE 55% Farmers Market Shopping Bundle

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Our bestselling bundles have just been restocked!

So why are these bags so popular? Because the coveted Farmers Market Shopping Bundle ticks all the boxes for your shopping needs.

And if you're sick of struggling to shop plastic-free, then this bundle is the perfect solution. Practicality, Durability, Lust-factor.  

With their beautiful creamy organic cotton textures and uber practical design, you'll never need to use another plastic bag.

And because they look so damn good, you'll never forget to bring your bags to the shops again! 

  • 2 x 'Pocket Totes' Large and super sturdy with six large interior pockets for keeping organised (value $49 each)
  • 2 x 'Mixed Mesh Totes' Handy "go-everywhere" string bags with canvas bottoms (value $29 each)
  • 5 x assorted size mesh produce bags for shopping loose fruit and veg like onions and toms (value $56)
  • (NEW!) 5 x assorted size muslin bulk food bags for finer items like powders, nuts and bread storage
  • 100% organic cotton
  • $214 total Value  

    Plastic bags will be a thing of the past with the ultimate Farmers Market Shopping Set. 


    2 Large Totes

    The sturdy canvas is constructed to fit your groceries inside without the need to use any plastic bags.

    The bags are roomy inside and will carry an average of 3 standard bag loads. 

    There are 6 internal pockets with open bottoms to keep things organised. A real life saver for things like milk, drinks, tubs, celery, baguettes, bottles, flowers. 

    2 String Bags

    These bags are designed to minimise the impracticalities of a fully string bag. Produce poking out the holes in the bottom just isn't that fun, right? Our canvas bottom bags are the best of both worlds by maintaining the charm of a string bag yet the practicality of a canvas bag. 

    5 Mesh Produce Bags

    5 assorted sizes gives you the flexibility you need when grocery shopping. Thin plastic produce bags will be a thing of the past with these gorgeous organic cotton produce bags. 

    Store herbs, fruits, veggies and more. 

    5 Muslin Bulk Food Bags

    5 assorted sizes for shopping bulk things like nuts, cereals, powders, grains and nuts. 

    Great for storing bakery goods such as bread once home. 


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