Bare and Boho X S&S Swim Set - Mama Palm

Bare and Boho X S&S Swim Set - Mama Palm

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Our Bare and Boho x Seed & Sprout Collaboration is here!

Save money (and the ocean) with our Reusable Swim Nappy!

Gone are the days of buying disposable swim nappies over and over again - once you have a reusable swim nappy you’re set for life! Designed for babies 4kg - 15kg, this Reusable Swim Nappy has a single gusset feature to contain any inevitable number 2’s!

These clever nappies are made from 100% recycled yarn outer shell to replace raw polyester fibre. Plus recycled yarn inner soft suede. The materials used to make the nappies are covered by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS).

The Swim Nappy also comes with a Wet Bag making it easier than ever to use reusable nappies when you’re out and about. Simply stash your Swim Nappy (or other Reusable Cloth Nappy) inside, zip it up and take it home with you to be washed.

The zip will help contain any odour and moisture - plus there’s an additional front pocket so you can keep your clean & dirty ones separate! The wrist strap makes it super easy to take with you. Simply grab and go or attach it to your pram or nappy bag!

What You Get:

  • 1 x Bare and Boho x Seed & Sprout Reusable Swim Nappy - in our exclusive Mama Palm Print
  • 1 x Bare and Boho x Seed & Sprout Wet Bag - in matching Mama Palm Print

Why We Love Them:

  • You can say goodbye to disposable swim nappies
  • They’re adjustable for the perfect fit
  • Made from 100% GRS & GOTS recycled yarn. 
  • Two pockets means you can store your dirty & clean nappies in the Wet Bag
  • Eco friendly alternative and functional!

Want More Information?

Check out our Reusable Nappy Guide here

Artwork by Cass Deller Design.