Our Guide to Gifting

Okay, try not to freak out but we’re down to 15 days before Christmas! I repeat, 15 DAYS LEFT! 


As that time of the year approaches, finding the perfect gift for that special someone isn’t always easy, amirite? Really though, the struggle is real. Your co-worker might have a different taste than your in-laws, so you obviously can't give them the same thing. The good news is, we’re here to help!

Explore our holiday gift picks for (almost!) everyone in your life! 


The Health and Wellness Aficionado 

DIY green smoothies for breakfast before heading out to yoga at 6 am, 5 times a week. Sound like someone you know? Easy peasy! We'd like you to meet the best smoothie cup in the world:

Stainless Steel Smoothie Cup - This is a perfect match for his/her morning routine. With its sleek minimalist design and plastic free eco credentials, it's double wall design will keep their smoothie cup cold all day. 


The Eco-Newbie

Looking to inspire a friend and support them in their eco journey? Good on you! Gift them with the perfect starter bundle! 

Let's Get Started - This bundle includes everything a person needs to get going on their eco journey; the perfect shopping bag, a set of stretch lids (see ya, cling wrap), a reusable straw, a plant fibre dish scrubber and 5 sexy mesh produce bags.

Saves you $32 on the full price and saves them from relying on plastic for shopping and keeping food fresh. And that's gotta feel gooood. Friend of the year award is coming your way! 

The Organiser/Neat Freak

We all have that one friend in your life who is organised as heck, maybe likes to cook, but more than anything loves everything to be neat and tidy. As much as 'neat freak' may seem to have a negative connotation, we’re here to say that’s its more than okay to be clean. Show your appreciation for the neat freak in your life by giving them some useful gifts that will keep their kitchen organised.

Eco Stow Set - This set is so organised, so beautiful, and so not plastic! Swoon over these beauties, and it's not just about how their pantries pretty up - it's how they function better too.

Eco Brush Set - Make scrubbing absolutely beautiful! Who knew 5 scrubbers could look this classy?! To be honest, neat freak or not, this is on my wish list this year!  

You can also browse our Store & Organise Collection of reusable silicone goodies keeps your fruit, veg, meat, snacks and leftovers crunchy and/or fresh for days. 


The Hostess:

’Tis the season to party! And, this year, why not give your hostess a gift that’s not just nice—one that’s truly special, too? We've got the a bundle packed full of all the handy tools they'll need to prep and serve a fabulously plastic-free meal!

Great Entertainer Bundle - This is designed to help the hostess breeze through the silly season with a clean conscience and a teeny tiny footprint. 

What they'll get:

  • Compostable Entertaining set, 20 areca palm plates, 5 dip bowls, 20 forks, spoons and knives ($39 value)
  • Un-Baking Paper, set of 2 silicone baking mats ($29 value)
  • Set of six Stretch Lids ($27 value)
  • Eco Food Jars ($59 value)

The SuperMom:

If you've got a friend who's also an amazing mom, chances are that she's in desperate need of some "me time". Nothing says you care like a care package! Luckily, that's exactly what we have.

The Care Package - It's like a big warm stylish eco-hug. It just makes you want to clear the plastic from the shelves in your bathroom and replace it with this so that every time you open the cupboard you hear that 'aaahhhh' sound and light pours out and everything is right in the world.

What they'll get:

  • 1 x wooden hairbrush with rubber pad and wooden bristles 
  • 3 x compostable facial loofahs
  • 3 x bamboo/cotton make-up rounds
  • White Konjac sponge - great for sensitive skin
  • Sisal body brush
  • Natural sisal soap saver bag, that can also be used as an exfoliator
  • Foot pumice
  • 100 x Bamboo Cotton buds
  • Bamboo toothbrush
  • Rose gold tongue scraper


The Drinking Buddy:

Your designated drinking buddy has been there for you through both your ups and your downs! We have the gift your drinking buddy never knew they needed. 

Insulated Wine Bottle and Tumbler Set - You can fit a whole bottle of wine in this perfectly sized beauty (yaassssss!). The tumblers are also double walled to keep your drink cool whilst you sip. Pop them in your picnic basket with some snacks and you're good to go! Wine, it's Win with an e on the end. They'll definitely remember you every time they take a drink out of these beauties!

Want to throw in a reusable straw? Browse our Drink Collection by clicking here

The Foodie Friend:

Many solid friendships have been built around a common love of food. As Julia Child once said, "people who love to eat are always the best people." 

When you need a gift to celebrate that friendship, and the person who's always down to try out a new restaurant with you, we recommend these fun, foodie gifts.

Utensil Travel Pouch - This beautiful-looking, hard-working set that replaces all that nastiness. And it takes the "how will I remember to bring it?" headache out of the scenario by fitting all 9 pieces into a quality, organic cotton bag.

The Sandwich Box - With two clasps on each end and a removable silicone seal, the new Sandwich Box is the ultimate leak-proof warrior of the lunchbox world! Don’t be fooled by its size! Trust me. Once your foodie friends starts using this baby, they wont leave home without it! 


The Nature Lover:

Pack a Picnic bundle - Summer is here - this is the perfect bundle with all of the things you will need to sit outside and enjoy a relaxing picnic. 

What they'll get:

  • 1 x mini pocket tote with 6 internal pockets ($29 value)
  • 2 Pot Set ($24 value)
  • Insulated Wine Bottle and two tumblers ($79 value)
  • Eco Stow Set ($89 value)

Your Travel Buddy:

Not all friends make good travel buddies. They’ve got to match your travel speed, travel style, and most of all your special kind of crazy! So when you finally find one, you know you found someone very special. Give the frequent flyer on your list one of these first-class gift! 

Bamboo Travel Pouch - This STUNNING set will send all that plastic cutlery to forking hell! And best of all, because this set is made from bamboo, they can take in on board an aeroplane without it being confiscated at security. That makes is the perfectly beautiful zero waste travel option!

Mixed Mesh Tote - This gorgeous tote was so wildly popular we broke her out from the Farmers Market Set so now you can purchase her separately!

And yes she handles the groceries like a machine (canvas below for the heavy or spiky stuff, mesh up top for fitting more stuff in). But she does so much more! Your travel bestie can take her to the beach, for lunch, or work - you'll find she'll always have their back.


That Friend Who Has Everything:

We all have that one person on our list — the one who is, in a word, impossible to shop for. But even if someone seemingly has everything, you can’t just skip a gift altogether. Here are a few things you can get them:

Gift Card or Voucher - This way, they can choose whatever they like!

Insulated Glass Tea Flask - There is nothing like it! Stylish and functional, this double walled glass tea flask is not only the perfect size, it's just absolutely stunning! 

The Beauty Guru:

So what’s a BFF like you supposed to buy the beauty guru in your life? Lucky for you, our newest Care Collection has got you covered! Surprise her with one of these buzzy beauty gifts—she won't believe that you discovered them before her.

Face the Day bundleThis is the perfect taster of our favourite facial products paired with our beautiful bars. No nasties or plastics here but what you will find is all kinds of luscious new additions to their daily ritual.

Preen KitWe love this Preen Kit, it is everything you need for the best shave with the BEST and only pivot safety razor in the market bundled together with our favourite shaving accessories. 



For the women in the family (mum/sister/aunt/niece):

Pocket Tote - This canvas bag is practical beyond belief - you’ll only realise how awesome it is after you start using it. And it's stylish in a natural, minimalist way! Not to mention it being inconceivably roomy. The ladies in your life will be thanking you 6 times over - one for every pocket in this lovely tote! 

The Tea SetWe love this fun bundle because it is super stylish and functional, this double walled glass tea flask is the perfect size and keeps your bevvie hot without burning your hands. Tea for one or tea for two - the wide mouthed opening is great for drinking out of or pouring into cups to share with a friend. 


For the men in the family (dad/brother/uncle/nephew):  

Groom Kit - It's eco, stylish and contains the world's BEST pivot head safety razor! The shaving bar is rich in antioxidants A, C, & E and together with its high concentration of essential fatty acids that support skin healing and collagen production. This is the ultimate grooming kit for the men in your life. 

Tradie Box - Our newly designed Tradie box is perfectly designed with three layers to end lunch packing woes, to cover you for a whole day's worth of meals and snacks. 

For the kids:

Mini Organic Pocket ToteOur best selling pocket tote is now available in a MINI version! Yep, it's just as cute as you think it would be. We designed it for kids but truth be told we have been loving it for ourselves (sorry kids!).

The Snacker - This is a divided steel lunch box with a built-in partition, to eliminate the need for plastic baggies, whilst keeping your food conveniently separated. Perfectly sized and easy to open for those tiny fingers.



A drumroll please for the bundle of all bundles....an epic collection of our favourite staff picks.

GREATEST HITS BUNDLE - This is curated from our staff favourites. Some cult favourites and a couple of unsung heroes. Do yourself a favour and go for this beauty! You won't be disappointed! 

What you get:

  • Food Huggers - set of 4 (value $24)
  • Eco food jars - set of 4 (value $59)
  • Farmers market bundle (14 piece set: 2 x tote bags, 2 x mixed mesh bags, 4 x assorted size bulk food bags, 5 x assorted size mesh produce bags, 1 x bread bag) (value $99)
  • Eco brush set (value $79)
  • Set of 4 bars (The Conditioning Shampoo Bar, The Body Bar, The Shave Bar, The Dish Bar) (value $50) 


Are you shopping based on a budget? Need gifts for your office secret Santa? Something small to stuff in a stocking? You can shop by price by clicking the images below!

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De-bundle That Thang:

If you're into value for money, or are shopping this year on a tight budget, here's an awesome tip. Our famous bundles are carefully curated to offer massive savings on zero-waste goodies. Just pick the best bundle that matches most of your gifting needs and give each of the individual items as separate gifts! You get huge savings and amazing gifts all in one order! Shop BUNDLES here.