Easy Peasy Ways to Ecofy Your Life in 2019

Can you believe we're already almost a month into the new year?! I know right! We're just as surprised as you are! If you still haven't gotten around to start your resolutions, don't sink into despair. 

While most of the popular New Year’s resolutions are based on personal betterment, it's also an awesome excuse to ecofy your life!

Here are 5 easy things you can work in to your life this year to help make a big difference in the world:



Assuming you don't already, that is! A plastic bag is often unnecessary, and it’s not good for the environment. Plastic bags are so light they often blow into storm drains and eventually into the ocean.

Stick some cloth bags in your car, your bag, or store them where you can see them so you don't forget the next time you go out!

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Using reusable items can start with your shopping bag, but it definitely doesn’t have to end there! Ditch plastic and consider a reusable straw, reusable coffee cup, reusable water bottle, etc. 

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Vehicles have a major impact on our environment, so when you can, walk, baby, walk! Or you know, ride a bike or take public transport. 


In addition to the environmental benefits, consuming less meat has been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes, helps to curb obesity, and improves the nutritional quality of your diet. Try eating better meat and a lot less of it, and make a big difference for small farmers and the environment by supporting pasture restoration with your wallet. 

If going vegan full-time is not feasible for you, start slow by embracing Meatless Mondays or cutting back on your meat and dairy consumption. 

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While there’s plenty of convenience associated with shopping at big stores, shopping local is beneficial for the environment and your community. 

Food can travel a long way before it gets to your plate and sometimes you don’t know how it was grown. At your local market, you know your food is local and you can ask the farmer how it is grown!

Baby steps in your efforts make a massive difference, so remember that you don’t have to go zero waste all at once! No pressure, baby cakes. We love that you're starting (or still on) this journey with us!