Letter from the Founder

When people ask me if I knew it was going to be like this, the answer is no.

When I started Seed & Sprout three years ago, I was trying to solve a problem I had with my son's lunchbox. I thought I was going to sell kid’s lunchboxes. Perhaps down the track a drink bottle. Heck maybe even one day a cooler bag!

I never imagined I would have a company that would tackle the many (and growing) environmental issues we face as consumers.

And although it can feel overwhelming at times, I feel unbelievably grateful and privileged to be tackling some of these big issues with you.

Everywhere I look I see a problem. The exciting thing is, I also see a solution! 

Sometimes, that solution is staring me right in the face and we can get to work immediately solving it by inventing a new product or using our profile to raise awareness. 

Sometimes, it's a slow burn, and months turn into years. Priorities shift, or it feels too hard, or that we are too small.

But lately I've realised small is good! Small is why. Small is how we are able to jump off a cliff and build our wings in midair. Small, naive, with grit and optimism and caffeine and hope.

But most of all, I realise that the only reason we can do anything - truly anything at all - is because of YOU.

It is you; the staff, the customers, the partners and friends and the children. It's all the people who lend their enthusiasm for the cause in many varied, often selfless ways, that makes any of this a reality.

Together, our actions are truly making a difference. 

I learn so much from you all, and honestly I’m humbled by the responsibility of serving you for many years to come. l can say heart over hand that I am exactly where I should be, doing exactly what I should be doing.

So thank you. Here’s to the future.