Less is More

Seed and Sprout - Hara collab - Less is More

We are so proud to be a strong female team! I have come to believe that when women support each other, incredible things can happen. And Seed & Sprout has been an amazing testimony to that.

There’s a huge movement among women to empower one another, to challenge gender narratives, and to establish a brighter future for our daughters. We are all for this! We’ve come a long way (our birthday is coming up!) and we want to continue to encourage women to shut down the negativity and rise together. 

Relative to our eco journeys, there are quite a few things that we had (and still have) to unlearn in order to move forward. One of those things is the idea of female rivalry. There is, without a doubt, enough room for all women to be whole without tearing each other down. Empowering women starts with you. Show your support for the women around you, show them they matter, and remind them they’re strong.

Seed and Sprout - Hara collab - Less is More

At Seed & Sprout we believe less is more and today we are taking that literally by shedding our insecurities (and our clothes) in our fav underwear label HARA the label!

Less Stuff.

Less Waste.

Less Fear.

Less Hiding.

Less Insecurities.

Less Apologising.

Less asking for Permission.

Less Shrinking.

Less Competition.

Less Judgement.

Less Hiding Your Light.

Less Clothes.


With the current fight for climate justice, and as Hara has often preached, our world needs more then ever people that are strong enough to embody love and embody compassion. It takes real strength to heal ourselves, love ourselves and give that back to the world. 

Having this beautiful (and growing) girl tribe has been vital to my success. Not only in business, but in my eco-journey and my day-to-day life too. I have constantly drawn strength and confidence when times are rough, and in turn I try to give that right back when they need it too. Let's root for each other and watch each other grow!

Whether it be towards your eco journey or not, we want to encourage more and more people to make the small but easily achievable changes in their life, which when done together, will have a real impact on our environment. Less is more. We're all in this together. 

Check out our Instagram Stories! We get vulnerable & talk about our insecurities as we try to shake them off & encourage each other to do the same. Head to our Instagram to see more. Click here to head to our Instagram. 

Do you have a girl tribe? How do you encourage each other to lessen your impact on the planet? Let us know in the comments below or reach out on our Instagram.



More about Hara the Label: HARA, meaning green in Hindi, is a clothing label designed for you and our earth collectively. Consciously creating pieces that are soft and beautiful with sustainable and ethical practices at the core. Click here to shop Hara