How to Throw a Sustainable Christmas

Christmas is a great time to become more conscious of how much waste we generally produce around the festive season, and start implementing some changes.

With a little effort and imagination, we can reduce the environmental impact of the holiday season so we can get to what truly matters – spending quality time with the ones we love.




The average Australian household throws out 175 tonnes of EXTRA waste at Christmas, we discard 30% more food and spend 60% more of our income on Christmas gifts, food and decorations.

The great news is, it doesn’t need to be this way for you. Whether you're an eco-warrior, or are just starting out your sustainable journey, our handy easy to read & downloadable guide, full of tips and tricks, is here to help you get one step closer to an eco-friendly Christmas.

A Seed and Sprout Guide: How to Throw a Sustainable Christmas



Whether it’s a cute handwritten voucher, cookies, or a DIY snow globe, there’s nothing like a handmade gift. But if you must buy, shop eco! And make sure they are useful as much as they are thoughtful. 




There are things that look way cooler than normal wrapping paper and that are much better for the environment. Gather old newspapers & magazines. You can even upcycle old fabric to either wrap your gifts or make reusable gift bags. 




Use what nature provided like pine cones, dried flowers, small branches or wooden bowls full of fruit. Or make your own birdseed ornaments! These eco-friendly crafts bring a little holiday joy to the wildlife in your area and are fairly easy to make.




Preparation is key! Make sure you plan ahead to avoid food waste and over buying. Ask guests to bring reusable containers for leftovers. Also, set up a labeled bin station AND a wash station so guests can reuse their cups, plates, & cutlery.

Download the full Seed & Sprout Guide to a Sustainable Christmas by clicking here.