Eco Tip of the Week: How to Pack a Zero Waste Lunch

School's back! And with #PlasticFreeJuly in effect, you're probably thinking about how you're gonna pack your child's (or your own) lunches! If you've been following along with our journey, you know that Seed & Sprout was born from this exact situation. 

My son goes to a school that has a pretty strong environmental stance. We weren’t allowed to pack anything single-use or any plastics in his lunch. Which included the lunch box itself! 

I tried everything and it left me feeling lost and helpless. This good deed, trying to save the planet, had cost me my time, effort and money!

Long story short, after all my struggles with finding a solution to the lunch packing drama, I realised I had the power to do something about it! And, tada! Seed & Sprout was born. 

Now, we want to help you! Below are the tools you'll need for your Zero-Waste Lunch Kit! Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom for a few lunch ideas too! 

✔️ One stainless steel lunch container 

Crafted with two tiers and three versatile compartments, Seed & Sprout's Stacker is an insulated bento-style lunch box that keeps food and snacks separated while also keeping it a better temperature. More importantly, it’s stain, odor and rust resistant so you never have to worry about it smelling after many uses. And because it’s dishwasher safe, you can use it quickly again and again!

✔️ A set of reusable utensils

It's crazy how you can find plastic silverware everywhere! It uses a tremendous amount of resources to produce, package, and deliver the silverware to you. Then you use it for one meal and it goes to the landfill where it takes at least decades, but likely hundreds of years to decompose. We definitely think "bring your own cutlery" needs to become a new trend!

(Image from SaidoniaEco via Pinterest)


✔️ Water bottle

Seed & Sprout's Drink Bottle will stay cool (or hot - if you're into that!) for longer than plastic due to it's temperature-retaining stainless steel construction. 

It's also made with an innovative stainless steel threaded lid. No harmful plastics will make contact with your liquids!


✔️ One reusable napkin

The keyword here is reusable! This organic cotton cocktail napkin is woven from unbleached cotton making them extra soft and absorbent!

(Image from via Pinterest)


✔️ Insulated Lunch Bag

You definitely need a bag to put your lunch in and this beautiful insulated canvas lunch bag is perfect for keeping your Seed & Sprout Stacker (or any lunch) cool. 


BONUS: ✔️ Pods

Sick of soggy salads or smeary sauce? Keep salads crunchy and crackers crisp with this 100% leak-proof pod. Mini food container for separating your messy things.


  • Pasta with pesto. While homemade pasta is hard to make, luckily, you can buy pasta in bulk.
  • Pasta salad with chopped vegetables. Stash cooked pasta and chopped vegetables in the refrigerator, and this takes no time to throw together.
  • Sandwiches. Again, no pressure to make your own bread! You can get it without packaging and put it in your own bag. You can also get unpackaged meat at the deli counter in your own container.
  • Wraps. When sandwiches get boring, wraps made with homemade tortillas add some variety.
  • Chicken Quesadilla.
  • Bagels and/or muffins. 
  • Crackers and hummus. 
  • Green salad with chopped vegetables. 
  • Celery with peanut butter.
  • Fruit chunks. 
  • Homemade Yogurt, chopped fruit and granola. 
  • Hard boiled eggs

 Bonus tip! Tell your kids to bring home the scraps for compost.