Eco Tip of The Week: Gift Ideas for the Eco-Minded Traveller

Okay, we know it's scary but fear not and commit to travel responsibly! We made a list of cool gift ideas that put the planet first! 



Eco-Friendly Luggage

Heys Luggage's Eco Orbis collection, crafts durable, lightweight luggage with plastic otherwise headed for the landfill! 

Eco Packing Cubes/Toiletry Bag

Packing cubes sound nerdy, but they’re a real game changer! Check out the ones from Florious! They keep your luggage organised for the duration of your trip AND they save a space in your bag. The cherry on top of it all? They're made of recycled materials! 

Airplane Safe and Eco-Friendly Refillable Bottles

This one is a given, especially on short trips! These bottles from Biome are a great eco alternative. 

Tote Bag 

Whether trekking around the globe or just across town, a tote bag is a travel essential. Have a look at Seed and Sprout's selection of reusable bags!


Travel Towel

Whether it be for the beach, the bath, a waterfall hike, or a sunset yoga session, all travellers need towels! Trespass bamboo towel offers a quick-drying, antimicrobial, and eco-friendly option! Alternatively, Sora's multipurpose yoga towels are made of up to 8 recycled plastic bottles. 

Water Bottle

Skip the plastic bottles and treat it yourself! Seed and Sprout has the perfect travel sized drink bottle that wont break your back!

Travel Cup

Join the #NoCupNoCoffee movement. Forget your cup? No coffee for you. Pretty easy to get in the habit after doing that once or twice! Seed and Sprout's new Travel Cup is made to honour the morning ritual.


If you're anything like us, one of the best things about travelling is the food! Make sure you are ready to eat-all-the-time with this sustainable and convenient alternative to single-use plastic cutlery. Shop Bambu Home here.


Eating and drinking go hand-in-hand, and this gorgeous stainless steel straw from Seed and Sprout helps the eco-minded traveller stay in style while helping mother earth! You know the drill! #STOPSUCKING

Food Container/Lunch Box

A stainless steel container is the perfect, plastic-free way to store leftovers and also keep bulk ingredients fresh. Seed and Sprout's Snacker or Stacker Lunch boxes are a traveller's dream come true! 

Eco Umbrella

Better prepared than soaking wet! Here’s a list of a bunch of eco-friendly umbrella options.


Bamboo Toothbrush

On average, we go through a toothbrush every six months. That’s a lot of plastic ending up in a landfill on behalf of our teeth! Switching to a toothbrush with a bamboo handle and organically grown bristles eliminates that waste completely, doesn’t break the bank, and pairs great with organic toothpaste!

Menstrual Cup

This one is for the ladies! It may be a little daunting if you haven't tried this one yet, but the planet and you body will thank you for this one. Shop the Diva Cup here.

Eco Friendly Toiletries

From sunscreen, bug repellent and deodorant to shampoo, conditioner and soap, there are many organic and eco options out there if you look hard enough! Alternatively, you can always make your own!



Solar Power Bank

In this day and time, a good quality power bank is an essential (and amazing) accessory to have on any trip! Luckily you can even find solar powered options – they just require a few hours of daylight to power your devices for several charges. Have a look at this list of options here.

Solar Powered Speaker

You heard us right, there are eco-friendly portable speakers on the market! Have a look at the Reveal Solar Speaker! It lasts 8 hours, is bluetooth capable, AND doubles as a USB charger for your devices. 



Gift giving doesn’t have to be all about conventional consumption. Get creative and give the gift of donations and experiences rather than material things.